Three scoops of chocolate makes a perfect sex-sundae: Pt 1

A fuckbuddy of mine that I hadn’t seen or heard from in a few years hit me up online the other day asking if I was interested in a three-way.

The pictures he posted along with his new online profile showed that *Alan was still a very handsome guy.

I remember him as being preppy and professional by day but a definite bad-boy behind closed doors at night.

He’s 33 years old now but the same 6’0″, 170lbs with an athletic, muscular build that I remember. He has the broad shoulders of a swimmer or of someone who might have rowed crew in college, a narrow waist, slim hips but a surprisingly full, lush ass and an eight inch piece of meat that was smooth as a cylinder and just as hard.

His bright intelligent dark eyes were set against his rich smooth chocolate complexion, his chin and chest covered with neatly groomed fuzzy black hair.

Looking at his pics I remembered the purple undertones of his skin giving him a sensual fuckable glow and his ‘fresh out of the shower” natural musky smell reeked of sex.

He identifies as a ‘Top’ but he’s also one of those that like to submit to a bigger alpha male from time to time and I was more than happy to oblige his craving to bottom-on many an occasion.

We would get together at his place, a small guest house in a suburban cul-de-sac, for some hot sweaty sessions full of making out, sucking and me fucking him and breeding his hole, things got wild at times but I always heeded his reminder not to make too much noise lest we alert the unsuspecting ‘straights’ in the main house of the decidedly bent activities out back.

We’d had a threesome only once in all the times we got together and it was hot.

Alan was the bottom and another top and I fucked him senseless but apparently things had changed.

He made it clear when he hit me up that his “back-door” was closed long ago and what he was proposing was me joining him in fucking a bottom.

While I was disappointed not to be fucking his hot ass again I was happy to hear from him and definitely turned on by the thought of watching his dark meat sliding in and out of a hot hole for the first time.



* Not his real name.

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