Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 1

I don’t usually let my stable mix.


Of course they are all aware of one another, which is enough to promote a healthy sense of competition amongst them for my attention but as I’d always had an unspoken rule to only spend time with them one on one.

But, rules are made to be broken.

The other night I inadvertently made plans on the same night with both *Jude, my African colt and *Gina, my Italian filly.

So, rather than choose between the two of them I decided to have them both.

It was time for a threesome.

In this age of Social media I proposed the ménage with Jude online at Adam4Adam and with Gina via KiK so I never spoke directly to either of them.

Jude was skeptical at first. He wrote that he wasn’t sure about being with a “fem”.

He was one of my best colts; he’s twenty-two years old, a recent college graduate with a business degree.

He’s five-ten, one hundred fifty pounds of solid muscle, his skin a beautiful dark chocolate with blue undertones; smooth chiseled chest and rippled stomach, the rest of his taut body completely hairless and unblemished.

He had a handsome regal face, high cheekbones, almond shaped eyes and a small mouth with full lips.

He came to me as a Vers/Top curious about exploring his submissive side. I’d trained him so well that he craved my dik in his ass more than he cared to admit but I knew that he still topped on his own time.

But, after taking a look at Gina’s profile online even he had to admit that her hot muscular, smooth body and phatt ass were a turn-on.

“Okay”, he wrote to me, “ I guess I can give it a shot. It will be great to have you fucking both of us.”

To which I replied, “I think it would be hot to see you fuck her as well.”

“Oh, okay Master, for you I will try.”

As for Gina, she jumped at the chance to please me and bottom for whomever I chose but I suspect that after all she’d heard about Jude she was curious to feel him inside her.

The tryst was set for eight pm at Jude’s apartment downtown.

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