Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 2

Since they had never met I arranged to meet Gina in the parking lot of Jude’s building so that we could ride the elevator up to the twenty-first floor hi-rise apartment together where I could make the introductions.

I’ve been in threesomes and group sex situations where nobody knew anybody and it can be alittle awkward at to start and I didn’t want that for them.

Besides, it’s just good “sex etiquette” to make sure that all the players are as comfortable as possible before everyone gets naked and down to the business of fucking.

Gina is very punctual so I was not surprised to see that she pulled into the underground garage soon after I arrived.

I got out of my car to greet her wearing a dark denim shirt, red jeans, blk converse sneakers and I had my trusty messenger bag slung across my chest containing my lube, condoms, hand towels, mints, mouthwash, tit-clamps, handcuffs and cock-ring.

As she walked toward me I could see that even though it was a chilly night Gina wore a black on black sparkly tee, tight enough that her nipples were popping through the fabric and what looked like black track pants because of the stripe running down the leg except they too were super tight and molded to her muscular thighs and bodacious booty making them look more like leggings.

She looked around to be sure that no one was around then discretely gave me a hug.

I asked her in the elevator is she wanted to be introduced as “Gina” or by her ‘boy’ name and she said, “ why Gina of course! Keep the fantasy going.”

Jude opened his door wearing nothing but a pair of sky blue designer bikini briefs, a perfect color to set off his dark mahogany skin.

As introductions where made Gina could barely look him in the eyes because hers never stopped running up and down his body, pausing several times at the bulge in front of his muscular thighs.

When he turned to lead up back to his bedroom I was mesmerized by another stunning backside. The luxe fabric that barely housed Jude’s meat accentuated his ample ass, high and tight from years of playing tennis.

I exchanged a look with Gina. She too was staring and smiling like a child on Christmas morning.

Threesomes can be awkward to start for some people but that’s rarely been my experience and since my boy and self identified ‘girl’ looked to me to set the tone I was committed to making sure that this was going to be a sexy good time.

Once in the bedroom I wasted no time by taking off my clothes and they followed suit.

I positioned my naked body between the two of them, grabbed each by the ass and pulled them close.


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