Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 3

I first kissed Jude lightly on the mouth then turned to do the same to Gina; then I pulled back and watched as my colt and filly shared their first kiss.

The handshake that they’d shared at the front door was typical of two people meeting for the first time, alittle awkward and guarded but now here they were less than ten minutes later standing naked in front of one another; strangers maybe but getting familiar, their kiss deep, passionate and intimate.

They seemed to shed their reticence and shyness as quickly as they shed their clothes.

I stood their looking at them, both perfect specimens of the countries from which they came; one dark and smoldering the other fair and sultry, at the peak of their respective handsomeness and beauty.

I joined in the kiss, all three of our tongues becoming one as our hands feverishly caressed each others asses, chests and cocks.

I pulled away from our ménage a embrace and sat on the bed, leaning back on my elbows, dik hard and ready for attention.

I didn’t have to wait long because my stable knew it was time to service their Master.

Nothing needed to be said.

Jude sprung into action first and propped pillows behind my head so that I could lay back, then he leaned over me and began to lick and bite my nipples the way he’d been trained.

Gina positioned herself between my legs gently spreading them apart so that she could suck my balls, teasing them with her tongue then slowly licking her way up the shaft before taking my meat completely in her mouth.

My colt alternated between kissing me, tending to my nipples and watching the filly deep throat my shaft.

“Master”, he said, eyes fixed on Gina’s mouth, full of meat, “can I have a taste?”

I nodded permission and he eagerly joined Gina. She kept licking my dik even as Jude began to demonstrate his oral skills, not in competition but clearly the better cocksucker.

I lay back, uttering my first moans of pleasure as I was doubly serviced.

Soon though I could feel one mouth on me and not two.

Gina relinquished her claim on my manhood, presumably to come lay down beside me but I had other plans for her.

“Eat his ass,” I ordered.

“I want your pretty face buried between his cheeks.”






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