Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 4

Without hesitation Gina happily moved behind Jude, spread his rock hard ass-cheeks and began to administer to his rosebud with the same intensity she’d just shown my dik.

I could feel the vibrations of Jude’s moans reverberating from deep in his throat as he expertly sucked my cock.

“Hold on a sec”, I said.

I wanted to see everything that was going on so I got up on my knees near the head of the bed so that there was room for Jude on all fours in the middle, sucking at one end and being rimmed at the other.

I looked down to the top of Jude’s short tightly curled hair to his dark broad shoulders, tapered waist and his fleshy muscular ass.

Gina’s curly dark locks tossed side to side and up and down as she licked and lapped at his hole.

The sight of it all was almost enough to make me want to cum-almost.

I pulled out of Jude’s mouth and got off the bed, telling him to flip over onto his back so that Gina could suck his dik as well continue to eat his ass.

Gina was now on the bed on all fours in doggy.

I walked around behind her, spread her heart shaped ass, used my own spit for lube and slowly entered into her.

She let out a deep moan, muffled by a mouth full of African meat while I pushed my own dark dik deep inside her wet pink man-pussy lips.

The feel of skin on skin, my big, hard veiny dik being engulfed by her warm velvety inner walls is almost as good as it gets.

I was riding my best bitch and watching as one of my best bucks was having his dik sucked.

I was in ‘fucking’ heaven.

After digging deep to open her up I took a few final strokes then took one of my hands off her phatt ass-cheeks to signal for Jude to come take my place.

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