Monthly Archives: April 2014

NSA Sex: Topher ‘interrupted’

Being with Topher again was great but it was after midnight so my ‘sex clock’ seemed to be set to snooze. I read somewhere that everybody has a time of day that they feel there most amorous-hence their ‘sex clock’. Unfortunately for me mine just happened to be set for early afternoon, which is kinda […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: More Boris

Boris followed orders and was very obedient; his previous master trained him well. I nodded my consent, lifted my aviators’ to rest on the top of my head and settled back in my chair to get an un-shaded view of him taking my outstretched booted leg into his hands, holding it by the back of […]

NSA Sex: Topher

I do not believe this… I finally get a text last night at 10:54pm just as I’m about to lay my old ass down to sleep. It’s from *Topher, a beautiful Asian boy that I’d been playing ‘text-tag’ with for a couple days. We first met on Grindr a couple years ago, fucked awhile, lost […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Boris cont’d

Before I have a session in my home with a new sub or someone from my stable I always follow the same procedure: 1)    A long hot shower, after which I remain free of deodorant and cologne so that my natural man-scents and pheromones come through during the sweaty sex play 2)    Brush teeth and […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Boris

“Thank you Sir may I have another?” he asked in a clear, deep baritone. I could hear the discomfort mixed with ecstasy as I smacked his ass-cheeks with my open palm. *Boris was a submissive bottom that I was in ‘session’ with and thinking about adding to my stable. I saw his profile one day […]

Thug love: Mascmusc 4

Just when I was about to ask for a ‘glass of water’ he smiled, completely disarming me by parting his full lips to show me a set of large, even, white teeth; his face suddenly more juvenile than delinquent. When he spoke for the first time it was to ask if I wanted to “do […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Jay cont’d

I remember how quiet it was after I’d finished fucking Jay that first time. Earlier the room was full of sound; the bed springs singing to the rhythms of slurping and thrusting, me telling him what to do and how to do it, talking dirty to him and Jay asking how he could please, begging […]

Thug love: Mascmusc 3

He closed the door behind me and I could see that he was attempting to look me up and down but his dilated pupils could do little more than leer. Looking at him (trying) to look at me I got no vibe from him that he was ‘gay’, regardless of the fact that I found […]

Thug love: Mascmusc 2

It had been a while since I’d had some ass (well, a week was ‘awhile’ for me) so my cum soaked brain was anxious to discharge the seven day load stored in my ball sac. So I was less focused on the “Rules of the Road when Tricking” that I’d learned and taught myself over […]

Thug love: Mascmusc

  I got out of my car (in not the safest part of town) to hook up with a guy for some “thug love”. This wasn’t exactly ‘da hood’ but I could see it from where I stood. After double-checking to make sure my car was locked I started to rethink my decision to meet […]