Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Boris cont’d

Before I have a session in my home with a new sub or someone from my stable I always follow the same procedure:

1)    A long hot shower, after which I remain free of deodorant and cologne so that my natural man-scents and pheromones come through during the sweaty sex play

2)    Brush teeth and gargle but never floss before sex

3)    Fresh sheets on the bed plus a large beach towel to absorb sweat, lube, juices and ejaculate (as well as a towel draped across the couch or chair designated for additional play)

4)    Lay down an area rug on the hardwood floor for the sub to crawl and wait for instructions

5)    Pull out whatever “toys” are needed for the session: dildos, straps, restraints, cuffs, leather cat-o-nine tails, whip, ball gag, “elbow grease” for fisting, handcuffs, etc

6)    Dress accordingly: nude or vest and black jeans, military styled shirt with epaulets, bare chest and boxers, leather cap and always Army surplus boots (kept only for sex play and not worn for everyday use and never outside as subs will be licking the soles and sometimes the bottom of boot)

I give my subs a very specific set of instructions to follow before they come to see me for the first time, it’s a test to determine who is paying attention, who is eager to please or who may be thinking independently and needs to be broken.

The same was true for Boris and I informed him ahead of time what to wear, what to say and what to do upon arrival.

I got the distinct impression after messaging back and forth with him online that he was eager to impress and very much wanting a master to *collar him.

So I was not surprised that he arrived on time and followed my first set of instructions.

I told him to quietly walk through the open front door and lock it behind him, turn left past the foyer and upon seeing me sitting in an arm chair, dressed in a black leather cap, shades, a pair of old fashioned, military olive green boxers with my cock and balls pulled through the fly and black combat boots he was to drop to his knees and crawl to me, fully clothed, wearing his business suit as instructed.

The well-tailored suit that he wore is part of his ‘armor’ in the ‘real world’ as a lawyer where he’s respected and is looked upon as powerful so crawling towards me on his hands and knees was a first step in breaking him down and demonstrating who had the power when he entered ‘my world’.

He was also told to wear a leather harness and black jockstrap underneath the suit.

When he’d crawled the short distance to where I sat he stopped.

From his position between my open legs he looked up at me and said, “Please Sir, my I show you that I am worthy by licking your boots?”


*If a Submissive is ‘collared’ then he is the exclusive property of the Master, he is owned and officially theirs to do with whatever they want

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