Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Boris

“Thank you Sir may I have another?” he asked in a clear, deep baritone.

I could hear the discomfort mixed with ecstasy as I smacked his ass-cheeks with my open palm.

*Boris was a submissive bottom that I was in ‘session’ with and thinking about adding to my stable.

I saw his profile one day cruising Recon and his picture grabbed my attention.

He was 45 years old, with slightly dangerous Slavic good looks; 6’3”, 210 lbs. of muscle, dark hair and blue eyes, masculine brow, strong nose and chin with a weeks’ worth of well-groomed scruff.

At first glance you’d think he would be a Dom from the looks of him but reading his profile he was definitely a ‘catcher’ and not a ‘pitcher’, and he was clearly part of the BSDM community.

His profile read in part:

I have a very large sex drive and active imagination. I’d like a mate that also has a large appetite and imagination for sex. Ideally, we would embark upon an intimate journey of sexual exploration to heighten our pursuit of intimacy that we can develop in and out of the bedroom. 

I am a total bottom who likes to submit and serve a hot dominant top man. I kiss as well as I submit! My submission and service can include bondage, getting used, and forced service. 

Personal favorites include leather, rubber, gloves, boots, feet, bondage, hoods, gags, WS, blindfolds, flogging, ass play and CBT. 

You don’t have to share all of these interests to say hello but if you do I encourage you to hit me up.

Are you strong enough for the adventure?

It read (and he looked) like my kinda guy, so I decided to take him up on his challenge and invited him over for a ‘test ride’.


* All names and some of the descriptions, attributes or characteristics of individuals have been changed or altered to protect the identity and privacy of actual people or person(s) encountered.

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