Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Jay

Yesterday was the second of my bi-monthly ‘sessions’ with my prize colt, *Jay.

We get together at least twice a month and I think I burn more calories fucking him than on my thrice weekly, forty-minute walks through the neighborhood.

Jay came to me through a4a and were it not for his persistence I probably never would have bedded him.

It was easy enough to check out his profile and pictures without having to engage with him, so, out of curiosity I did.

I could see from his ‘pics’ that he was a (black & white) mixed race beauty.

He was 19 years old but from his size (5’5”, 127 lbs.) he looked about sixteen-which in and of itself gave me pause but I continued.

His tightly curled short dark hair, styled in a fux-hawk crowned his boyishly handsome café au lait colored face. He had a well-proportioned swimmer’s build on an almost hairless body except for a patch of silky, dark pubes framing his slim 7” cut cock (he claimed 8” in his profile).

And he had a surprisingly full, phatt ass for one with so small a frame.

My first thought was that he was hot but definitely too young and that I would kill him if I laid my full weight on top of him.

But none of my hesitation or concerns seemed to matter to him; his msgs to me online were unrelenting in his desire for me to fuck him since I embodied all that he said he fantasized about.

He assured me that he was no virgin and had no trouble finding guys to hook up with but guys his own age didn’t interest him-I did.

He had the arrogance and bluster of a well off, suburban youth that wanted for nothing except “street cred” (in this case-in bed).

I asked if he was in college he said that he wanted to join the Navy instead but couldn’t meet the minimum weight requirement (imagine having trouble ‘keeping’ weight on….ahh youth).

When he told me about the military I got hard thinking of the field day some Petty Officer or Sailor(s) would have pulling a train on him in basic.

He told me that he didn’t drive so I would have to come to him and that he still lived at home in his parents’ basement.

I got a perverse thrill out of fucking him that first time (in his now grown up sanctum sanctorum) in what’s probably still his childhood bed, wondering as he moaned, “Daddy”, “Daddy fuck me deeper” writhed and whimpered as I plunged deeper inside his young hole if I was a sexual stand-in, doing what he lusted for his father to do to him but wouldn’t dare because society and propriety prohibit.



* All names and some of the descriptions, attributes or characteristics of individuals have been changed or altered to protect the identity and privacy of actual people or person(s) encountered.




  1. abezure · · Reply

    He looks suckable

    1. He is and he was-glad you find my Colt appealing

      1. abezure · ·

        Oh yes i do:-)

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