Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Gina cont’d

I made it very clear to *Gina soon after we started emailing one another what I expect and what it takes to become a regular fuck-buddy of mine.

**She was eager to ‘audition’ for a spot in my stable, knowing that she’d have to be more than just a hot body with a pretty face to hold my attention for more than just one tryst.

Over the course of several encounters through last fall and winter she’s proven to be obedient, submissive and follows orders very well; that’s not the problem, the challenge is that she gets too excited, lacks self-control and cums too quickly.

I will say this…she’s the only person I’ve been with that consistently (nine times out of ten) cums without touching herself while I am fucking her.

It is hot to see her throbbing ***clit start to gush ‘love juice’ spontaneously while I’m deep inside her.

Size isn’t everything (it helps though) in combination with technique. I’ve learned to use my thick 9 1/2” dick to maximum benefit and pleasure for my sex-partner and myself.

I’ve been with guys before who’d orgasm without touching themselves.

But, by the expression on their faces (“look pa-no hands!”) they seemed as surprised (or more) than I because it was a rare (or sometimes a first time) experience that they usually attributed to my skills as a top and how well I opened them up and fucked them deeper than anyone before, breaking past to the second inner hole to a pleasure spot they’d never felt or knew existed.

But, I can’t take credit for Gina’s abilities; all I can do is enjoy the show (and try to cum at the same time).

Of course there’s usually some sort friction to help her get off (my belly against her clit while we’re fucking face to face; or the carpet, blanket or whatever surface she’s laying on face down when I’m digging deep from behind…but still…most guys have to use their hand to jerk off to achieve orgasm while they are being fucked.

And for other bottoms it’s different still; with the sensations having been transferred from the external stimulation of the penis to the internal prostate being massaged by his partner’s penis, and while it’s pleasurable being penetrated this can sometimes leave the bottom’s penis flaccid (so while they are sexually satisfied) they never cum.

So, on one hand it’s a compliment that Gina’s so ‘in the moment’ and excited that she can’t control herself because the fucking is so good and she has this incredible gift of being able to ejaculate unaided but on the other hand she’s failing to satisfy me first (her top/daddy/master) which is a cornerstone of her training if indeed she wants to be trained in the art of being a good submissive bottom…time will tell.

Till then, Daddy’s still got to get his nut so it’s time to ring up someone else from the stable and take another ride…


* All names and some of the descriptions, attributes or characteristics of individuals have been changed or altered to protect the identity and privacy of actual people or person(s) encountered.

** When I’m with a feminine guy-especially ones that ‘self identify’ sexually as female while we’re together-I’ll use the feminine pronoun when I write about our encounters, it just feels appropriate.

To be clear, ‘feminine’ covers a whole host of types.

I’ve found that some of the ‘girls’ I’ve been with are what one would usually associate with being feminine; soft, demure and womanly in their presentation and mannerisms.

But others are hard, worked out, masculine and in control in all other aspects of their lives (what they deem to be ‘a man’) but when we’re together behind closed doors they crave to be dominated by an alpha male so while they are losing control they are living out their fantasy of being passive (the girl) in mind if not body. 

*** In addition to the commonplace usage of ‘pussy’ to describe the male ass for the purpose of sexual pleasure I’ve also created my own language for my fillies; I have renamed their ‘hardon’ are their ‘clit’ and instead of ‘jerking-off’ I say that they ‘clit-off’.





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