Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Gina

I just finished riding one of the fillies in my stable but didn’t cum so I’m still horny and wanting some more ass.

As a rule, I’m in charge of who cums when.

Part of being a good ‘Dom’ Top and/or ‘Master’ is being in control of every aspect of the ‘scene’…from arousal to orgasm (not that orgasm is the point or goal each time you are together).

But this particular filly is new and proving harder to be break in than others.

We first started chatting on Manhunt back in early November of last year and quickly went off-site to continue our flirtation via yahoo.

After exchanging a lot of pics and emails it was obvious that ‘He’ was a filly and not a colt.

Early in our correspondence I received an email asking if I would call him “Gina” and not *Giancarlo, **her given name.

Not all my fillies adopt a feminine persona; some still prefer their ‘boy’ names, are very masculine but still like to dress-up in knee socks, G-strings or other lingerie.


Gina is a 35 years old, 5’8”, 170 pound, olive skinned, dark haired Italian from Rome with large expressive chocolate brown eyes, framed with long natural lashes that look liked they’d been applied with mascara, a handsome Mediterranean nose and full lips.

She works as a Personal Trainer and has a background as a gymnast and swimmer. Her body is completely shaved, well proportioned and muscular.

And she possessed a graceful, 7 ½” uncut ***clit that matched the rest of her beauty.


I couldn’t wait to fuck her.


* All names and some of the descriptions, attributes or characteristics of individuals have been changed or altered to protect the identity and privacy of actual people or person(s) encountered.

** When I’m with a feminine guy-especially ones that ‘self identify’ sexually as female while we’re together-I’ll use the feminine pronoun when I write about our encounters, it just feels appropriate.

To be clear, ‘feminine’ covers a whole host of types.

I’ve found that some of the ‘girls’ I’ve been with are what one would usually associate with being feminine; soft, demure and womanly in their presentation and mannerisms.

But others are hard, worked out, masculine and in control in all other aspects of their lives (what they deem to be ‘a man’) but when we’re together behind closed doors they crave to be dominated by an alpha male so while they are losing control they are living out their fantasy of being passive (the girl) in mind if not body.

*** In addition to the commonplace usage of ‘pussy’ to describe the male ass for the purpose of sexual pleasure I’ve also created my own language for my fillies; I have renamed their ‘hardon’ are their ‘clit’ and instead of ‘jerking-off’ I say that they ‘clit-off’.









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