Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: The Stable

Stable 2|ˈstābəl|noun: establishment providing the same background or training for its members


My “Stable” is what I call the small group of regular fuck-buddies that I have collected from Social media and trained to sexually satisfy me.

The stable is broken down into two groups:

1)    Colts: Primarily identify as ‘tops’ or ‘vers’ (versatile) sexually but come to me to explore another side of their sexuality; masculine, swimmers to muscular build, usually hung, late teens to middle-aged men, average to exceedingly handsome in appearance

2)    Fillies: Primarily identify as ‘bttms’ (bottoms) though (surprisingly) some are ‘vers’ or even ‘top’; feminine when with me but usually ‘masculine/straight acting’ in the real world, thin or lithe to muscular build, late teens to mid-thirties, attractive to beautiful in appearance

Some want to be abused, bound, restrained, spanked, verbally or physically abused, role play; to be fisted, collared, raped, CBT (cock and ball torture) and to feel the exquisite suffering of anything else I, as their Master, want to do to them.

Others want to live out romantic fantasies. They want to be feminine and submissive; to give themselves over to an aggressive, macho man who will fuck them, hold them close and whisper in their ear that they are ‘pretty’ and ‘sexy’ while they wear women’s lingerie.

While each man that comes to me is different and unique in his own way, they all share a common need and desire to be dominated by an alpha male with a huge dick.

My stable call me “Master Red”, “Sir” or “Daddy”, never by my Christian name while we are ‘in session’ or engaged in a ‘scene’ (my terms for ‘fucking’ because the time we spend together involves more than just the act of copulation).

While I make no claim to be faithful to them and have no idea (nor care) if they are exclusive with me, what is important is their devotion, obedience and complete submission to my wants and needs when we are together.

I can depend on them to be available whenever and however I want and the sex is always, always guaranteed to be hot.



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