“Nuttnhoney” are the salty and sweet, erotic and (sometimes romantic) sex-ploits of a single, hung, 50-something gay man navigating the hook-ups and angst through social media (the websites and apps) as well as the occasional encounter in the real world.

These stories are raw and unflinching. They are adult in content and not intended for anyone under the age of 18 or anyone who is easily shocked or judgmental.

My tales are as random as the men I’ve encountered; sometimes present, sometimes past….but always methodical in the quest to document desire and hopefully uncover what’s really beneath the sheets.

Gay, straight, bi, undecided or in-between-sex is sex and its pursuit is the great equalizer.

‘Who” we pursue, ‘how’ we go about finding sex and ‘what’ goes ‘where’ ‘when’ we get it may be different but we all need sex and we all want sex.

As I journal don’t be surprised if you find yourself identifying with the situations, acts or feelings or as you journey along side me.


These are my stories….

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