Thug love: Mascmusc


I got out of my car (in not the safest part of town) to hook up with a guy for some “thug love”.

This wasn’t exactly ‘da hood’ but I could see it from where I stood.

After double-checking to make sure my car was locked I started to rethink my decision to meet at his place instead of mine.

I walked quickly amongst the many low-rise, red brick buildings that all looked alike (which is common to low-income housing) to locate my trick’s unit number and ground floor apt.

I was beginning to wonder if “I” was the one who was going to be tricked.

But, the allure of his body and potential to be deep inside a hot, muscular black ass overwhelmed any caution I might usually exhibit.


His profile copy on a4a read in part:

“I am 24 yrs old, 225 pounds of dark hard hot masculine muscle…100% natural no juice just iron and shear dedication to the human body. You love muscle? You want to feel what rock hard really feels like?

Will do what it takes to please, more of a dick man than an ass man. Looking for a good strong hung top. Love oral. Say hey.

Like to hit the gym. Xtreme workout partners wanted. Sci-fi anime fan.

Bttms, I’m flattered but no thanks.”

Vers/bttm, Safe Sex Only, HIV Negative, Prefer meeting at: My Place.


He did not have a face pic online and was reluctant to send me one at first but he finally relented and texted a pic after some cajoling.

He was very handsome in a 50 Cent sort of way.

Why these “dl-slash-down low-slash-urban for closeted” guys are so worried about someone seeing their face escapes me.

Who do they think they are? Famous Rappers?

Do they think someone is going to contact the media and put their pictures (and preferences) on B.E.T., The Wendy William’s Show “Hot Topics” or Inside Edition?

He insisted that I “be discreet” and “not put his business out in the streets” and of course I agreed to all (who was I gonna tell?….besides, I didn’t promise I wouldn’t write about it).

No matter, just the thought of licking his muscles and massaging his prostate with my dik was enough motivation to continue.

Our msgs back/forth online were few and he was less than verbose in his replies but not much has to be communicated once you’ve established who is going to roll over and when/where you’re going to fuck.

So, I ventured out to hook up with the tatted up, bottom body builder who said he was horny for some dik.

Actually, what he wrote was, “Des cakes need to be smashed” and I was only too happy to oblige.

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