Thug love: Mascmusc 2

It had been a while since I’d had some ass (well, a week was ‘awhile’ for me) so my cum soaked brain was anxious to discharge the seven day load stored in my ball sac.

So I was less focused on the “Rules of the Road when Tricking” that I’d learned and taught myself over the years than sticking my dik inside something warm.

I knocked on the door of the apt number that he gave me, adjusted myself, checked my pockets to make sure I’d remembered my lube (WET) and rubbers (Magnum XL); satisfied that I was ‘ready’ I stuck a nonchalant pose and waited for him to answer.

So, imagine my surprised when the door across the hall opened and a head popped out.

It was Mascmusc, waving for me to come over to him.

I turned and walked the short distance to where he stood in his doorway. I could see that he was wearing nothing but his tat covered muscles and a towel casually covering his junk.

Puzzled, I asked if I had gotten the apartment number wrong somehow and he said, “No, you got it right. I just do that so I can check ‘dude’ out before I open my door.”

“Umm, okay”, I thought to myself.

If that makes sense to him then sure, why not, who am I to judge eccentric behavior.

Then he withdrew into the dark interior of the apartment to make room for me to pass.

As I entered the acrid smell of pot wafted through my nostrils, mixed with his freshly showered flesh.


The “Rules of the Road when Tricking” are simple and can save your ass:

1)    Never take your wallet (or anything of value) with you when are going to meet a trick for the first time (regardless of the zip code)

2)    Put your drivers’ license in your front pocket, a few dollars and leave everything else at home

3)    Never, NEVER, leave your wallet in your car or put it in your back pocket

4)    If the trick opens the door and your gut tells you that something’s not right (i.e. he doesn’t look like his pics, he looks dangerous and/or threatening, or there are people inside that you didn’t expect, etc.) DO NOT enter

5)    Acceptable excuses you can use to get out of going inside include:

Tell him that you left your lube and/or rubbers in the car by mistake and have to go get them-slowly, casually walk to your car and get the fuck out of there

If you’ve already crossed the threshold and the door has been closed behind you when you get that ‘fight or flight’ tingle in your stomach ask for a glass of water and (9 times out of 10) the trick will oblige and that’s your cue to either drink the water then politely tell him that you’ve changed your mind or quietly open the door and leave while he’s in the kitchen (Don’t worry he’s not going to chase after you, he’ll be too surprised to know how to respond and that gives you just enough time to make your escape

6)    Once inside be aware of all exits and keep your clothes nearby in case you have to make a hasty retreat

7)    And finally…always, ALWAYS trust your gut instincts-if you have a “fight or flight” feeling LISTEN TO IT, it’s time to leave-no matter what’s going on-I mean you could have your dik deep in his butthole and if your gut says, “get out” then “pull out” and flee




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