Thug love: Mascmusc 4

Just when I was about to ask for a ‘glass of water’ he smiled, completely disarming me by parting his full lips to show me a set of large, even, white teeth; his face suddenly more juvenile than delinquent.

When he spoke for the first time it was to ask if I wanted to “do it on the couch or in the bed”. Something in his (less than deep) voice (more castrato than baritone) made me relax and realize that if he were my “Everest” than I’m his “Hillary”.

“Fight or flight” was replaced with “fuck” and “now”.

I followed him through a narrow arched doorway to a bedroom where he sat on the edge of the bed where he pulled the towel away to reveal his large swollen member, pointing downward from the weight of itself, stretched out along the left side of his well muscled inner thigh.

I stood in front of him, looking down at his magnificent nakedness.

As I reached for my zipper he gently pushed my hands away to complete the task; unbuttoning, unzipping and pulling my underwear and pants down around my ankles.

He buried his face in my crotch so that he could smell my maleness before taking me into his mouth, sucking my cock until it was completely engorged with blood and purpose; rock hard and ready to plunder.

He looked up at me, his mouth wet with his own saliva and my pre-cum, eyes searching mine for approval and for what was to come next, his eyes seeming to say, “I’m yours, do whatever you want and I will not resist.”

With my pants down around my ankles and my tee shirt stretched behind my neck I pulled him up so that he was eye to nipple, and instructed him to lick and then (gently) bite first the left then the right, then back again, all the while holding onto and stroking my dik.

Looking down as he ran his tongue from my chest back to my dick, I face-fucked him, wondering how I could ever have been afraid of this big pussy.

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