Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Jay cont’d

I remember how quiet it was after I’d finished fucking Jay that first time.

Earlier the room was full of sound; the bed springs singing to the rhythms of slurping and thrusting, me telling him what to do and how to do it, talking dirty to him and Jay asking how he could please, begging me to fuck him harder and deeper.

And then there were our orgasms; mine low, deep and well deserved after a sweaty, athletic session that lasted the better part of an hour and his the youthful exaltation of spilling seed that comes from one still learning the endless possibilities of the joys their body can give them (and others).

I remember being impressed that he could suck dick so well; opening his small mouth wide and accepted my meat deep down his throat as I held onto either side of his head with my large hands and fucked his face, sometimes gently sometimes violently, all the while I accessed his temperament and willingness to submit to whatever I dished out.

I held his head firmly so he couldn’t pull back off my dick, forcing him to breathe through his nose, a salty tear or two (pain? pleasure?) rolling down his face to mix with the saliva overflowing from his mouth full of cock.

Satisfied with his oral skills I ordered him off his knees on the floor where I’d positioned him to worship me and onto the bed.

It was time to inspect his ass, rim him and ready him for more.

The site of his tan, hairless, young body as he got on all fours; well muscled little legs leading up to a perfectly rounded ass and pink pucker revealed when I told him to reach back and spread his cheeks apart made my dik jump.

Leaning in for a closer look I could see and smell that he was fresh and well prepared.

I’m a top that appreciates a bottom that knows how to douche and prepare his hole for sex as apposed to leaving it for its primary function is the only type that I will accept.

As I started a slow exploration of his hole with my tongue I could hear him let out a soft, guttural moan of pleasure.

He greedily pushed his ass back against my face as my tongue probed the sensitive outer lips before exploring the inside of his hole.

Then well lubed by spit, he willing accepted one, then two, then three of my fingers to enter inside his body, stretching his anus, searching for sensitive pleasure spots with my digits.

His ass writhed and quivered as my fingers plunged deeper.

It was then that I knew he’d be a perfect candidate for fisting…but that would have to wait and he would have to earn that pleasure at another ‘session’.

As I rose from my bent position from fingering and rimming him; my face wet with his juices, pulling him back onto his knees with me, grabbing him by the shoulder and throat, twisting him toward me so that I could turn his face up toward mine to kiss him for the first time, making him taste himself on my tongue while stroking his rock hard member, dripping with pre-cum.

I pushed him back down, looking over all of him, a ‘pocket-sized gay boy’, perfectly positioned in doggy; head down, back arched and ass raised in offering for whatever I chose to do.

And so his real test began, as it was time to mount him, to see and feel what his hole could take and what were his limits.

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