NSA Sex: Topher ‘interrupted’

Being with Topher again was great but it was after midnight so my ‘sex clock’ seemed to be set to snooze.

I read somewhere that everybody has a time of day that they feel there most amorous-hence their ‘sex clock’.

Unfortunately for me mine just happened to be set for early afternoon, which is kinda impractical because most of the world works during the day and isn’t free till the evening to fuck.

But hey…like the heart, the dick wants what it wants when it wants it, and thanks to Social Media I get to scratch my itch during my ‘prime time’ (most of the time).

I’d set my alarm and get out of bed to get my hands and dick on twinks like Topher anytime-literally and figuratively.

That’s been the case in the past (Topher was a ‘late night’ trick) and I thought this night would be like the others but even though my ‘brain’ wanted him badly, in all honesty my ‘body’ just wanted to stay at home and binge watch ‘Game of Thrones’.

Sometimes I really should listen to my head and not my head but like any good sex addict I couldn’t turn down a hot piece of ass, no matter what-it would be like saying no to a glass of water in the dessert.

So, there I was with his hot Asian kid offering up his sweet pearl so I went through he motions; I had him suck my dick, we edged alittle then I ate his ass, all the while thinking my dick would catch up to my desire.

Fortunately, I was still able to turn him on so (hopefully) he was unaware of my internal struggle.

I had him writhing beneath me like a bitch in heat and moaning when I licked his boy-pussy, tonguing his hole and licking the silky black hair surrounding the sensitive pink pucker, making his hole good and wet before inserting three fingers to open him up a bit.

Hearing him cry out made my meat jump alittle so I knew he was ready.

I wasn’t as hard as I’d like to be (or normally would be at the point of penetration) but I positioned him on his hands and knees anyway and stuffed my meat inside his hole.

We fucked (rather-I tried my best) to fuck him doggy, face to face and with me laying down on the bed and him riding my meat but no matter how good it felt, how hot the sounds or how great he looked, I just could not get rock hard.

I did get some satisfaction form the fact that he was enjoying the ride because he pulled off of me and sucked my meat which was a first for him (with me anyway), he’d never performed oral after anal before so that’s how I know how turned my boi was.

Still, I was frustrated to NOT be able to really slam deep into his hole when he was on his back, his strong little legs wrapped around my shoulders, looking up at me and begging, “fuck me, FUCK ME!”



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