3sums: Do one on one plus one really add up? Pt. 1

I was supposed to participate in a 3sum the other day.

It was set up by *Fernando, a sometimes fuckbuddy of mine. He’s Latin, late 30-something, short, well proportioned and muscled.

He has the body of a god and the face of a peasant.

He’s a nice enough guy; soft spoken, lots of machismo, very discrete (code for probably married, separated, divorced or closeted) but he also has a bubble butt and huge uncut cock to play with that more than makes up for whatever he’s not saying.

He told me that he was primarily a top when we first started chatting on www.adam4adam.com but that he liked to bottom occasionally and I was only happy to oblige.

I’m a ‘total’ top; meaning I’m ‘active’ and not ‘passive’; I ‘might’ reciprocate orally but never anally and I’m always in control of my partner and the sexual encounter.

So, in addition to the ‘bottoms’ that you’d expect, I seem to attract other ‘tops’ that like to get fucked (it’s more common than you think-at least that’s been my experience) as was the case with Fernando.

After topping my little Latin muscle stud a few times I was hot to see him use his cock for something other than to jerk off while I was deep inside him so I kept after him to let me watch him fuck someone and after much poking and prodding he agreed.

Since we would be fucking at his place, I deferred the planning of the tryst to Fernando. So it was up to him to find a candidate he’d feel comfortable inviting into his home and his bed with us.

I retained veto power over whomever he suggested (which were a small group of guys he’s already had sex with) but still, I was trusting him that the chemistry would be there between the three of us and not just he and third or me and this offering (heaven forbid-but its happened before).

Needless to say, I was curious to see whom he’d come up with and what would happen.


* All names and some of the descriptions, attributes or characteristics of individuals have been changed or altered to protect the identity and privacy of actual people or person(s) encountered.



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