Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 6

I definitely liked what I was seeing but wanted more.

I pulled out of Gina’s mouth, climbed off the bed and went round behind Jude after retrieving one of my own Magnum XL condoms from the messenger bag I always bring with me for trysts.

I stood and watched for a moment as his dik pumped in and out of her man-pussy.

I reached down between them to feel his meat as it entered her lips.

With my other hand I tried to spread Jude’s ass-cheeks apart but they were so muscular and tight that I to stop feeling him fuck her to use both hands.

I had to slap his ass and order him to stop his thrusting so that I could spread his ass-cheeks and push my meat inside him. I wore the condom because it’s never a good idea to go from fucking one ass to another without either putting on a fresh condom or using protection if you’d been fucking raw.

He tensed up for just a second then I could feel his inner muscles relax, opening up to accept all of me.

I was slow at first but was soon pumping away, synching my thrusts to Jude’s, knowing that he’d never been in the middle like this before-the best of both world’s-topping and bottoming at the same time.

I told him during one of our ‘sessions’ that being in the middle of a ‘fuck sandwich’ would be his reward for being such a good colt.

Gina still had problems with cumming too quickly but she was definitely the best bottom in the stable.

I was impressed that she was exerting more control than usual and hadn’t cum yet.

Looking over Jude’s shoulder as I pumped away at him I could see that her eyes were rolling back in her head with pleasure as Jude’s thrusts took on a new intensity because his prostate was being massaged by my dik at the same time as he cock was being stimulated by her.

We were three people with one goal in mind; to give and receive pleasure; my brown nine and half inches deep inside Jude’s hot black ass while his seven and half inches were banging out Gina’s white hole.


  1. abezure · · Reply

    I love your stories Keep writing, I have nominated you for the Liebster award, Enjoy

    1. Wow! Thx Abezure

      I really appreciate your continued readership and support

      and now to have you do this…..all I can do is to offer my heartfelt gratitude

      Master Red

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