Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: even more Jay

“Don’t stop Daddy….don’t stop!” Jay cried over and over, his words in time to the rhythm of the bedsprings singing as I pounded his dilated hole.

“Who’s boypussy is this?” I demanded.

“It’s yours Daddy….it’s all yours” he replied, reaching back with both hands to spread his ass-cheeks so that my meat could dig even deeper.

“Is this what you want son?”

“Say “Yes” Daddy” I demanded.

“Yes Daddy”, he panted, “It’s so big!” “It’s so deep.”

I pushed him down on the bed with my body so that he lay flat on his stomach, distributing my weight on my elbows and thighs, careful not to crush him underneath me.

“Can you feel Daddy’s meat?”

By way of answer he lifted his head from the pillow and started to kiss and lick my forearm and bicep.

I could feel the gathering storm of my orgasm. I knew that if I changed positions and lay on my back gravity and the simple fact of interrupting the heat of the moment would help me regain control over myself.

I was nowhere near finished with this boy yet so to stop myself from flooding his insides with cum I pulled out of his warm, velvet-ty hole, rolled off him onto my back with him curled on my left side.

Jay looked at me from where he lie, his young eyes sated with lust.

He took me in his hand and slowly started stroking up and down, my meat looking ridiculously large and menacing in his small, childlike grasp.

As he watched himself fondling me his expression turned to something akin to awe as if he couldn’t believe that all of what was in his hand had just filled his hole.

“C’mon here son” I said as I grabbed him by the hair and pulled him on top of me.

I positioned him so that as he straddled my torso I could take his hard little dick into my mouth.

He let out a cry, but this one was different from the rest, it sounded like surprise mixed with ecstasy as I swallowed him to the base, tasting his sweet pre-cum.

I’m not usually a cocksucker but occasionally Daddy likes to drink from the fountain of youth.

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