Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Even more Boris

I led Boris to my bedroom and told him to stand at the foot of the bed and turn around facing away for me.

“Lean over”, I commanded, “hold onto the edge of the bed with your hands, spread your legs wide and present dat manpussy for inspection!”

I pulled my boxers off as I stood and watched him silently comply.

Now I was as naked as he but I had yet to strip him bare.

Gazing down at his masculine, muscular legs and full phatt ass I couldn’t help but appreciate what was being offered to me.

I stroked his ass-cheeks in admiration then spread them apart with my hands, moving the black straps of his jock aside so that I could gain better access to his bunghole.

I reached between his legs to feel the empty pouch that had long ago lost the battle of containing his erection, which had escaped earlier and was now pointing down toward the bed, dripping pre-cum onto the towel.

I bent down close to his pink pucker to smell him.

I ran my tongue up and over the tightly held folds of flesh that made up the entrance to what most men would never dare dream to open to another man, hearing the first moans of acquiescence.

I licked, nibbled and probed his super clean hole with my tongue, I made it wet and slick with my spit, my own dick now completely erect.

I had to fight the urge to possess him.

I wanted to enter deep into the body being offered to me and make him mine but there would be plenty of time for that.

I stood up and pulled away before I became completely intoxicated.

I had to remind myself that fucking was secondary when training a potential slave, making sure that the subject was subjugated was paramount.

I had to have complete control of his mind before taking possession of his body.



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