Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Boris takes It

Boris hadn’t moved a muscle since I ordered him into position at the foot of my bed.

He was still bent at the waist with his legs apart, his chest and head resting on the bed with his arms spread wide like a good submissive, ready for whatever was next.

I moved from where I stood behind him and walked over to the nightstand where all my toys for the ‘session’ were on display.

I picked up the largest butt plug that I owned, the “Helmet head XL” glass butt plug. It measured 6” by 3 ½” at it’s widest point and it was shaped just like the name.

I also chose a black leather blindfold and a long strip of padded black leather.

I could feel his eyes on me before I turned to confirm that he was watching every move I made. I gave him alittle smile as I pushed one of his outstretched arms aside and sat on the bed.

I reached out, took his scruff’d chin in my hand and pulled him toward me for our first kiss, his tongue eagerly searching mine, probing and feeding off my mouth.

He tasted like possibilities.

When my curiosity was satisfied I said, “Stop!”

“Look at me Bitch.”

He opened his eyes immediately and let his mouth go slack, a line of spittle running from his mouth to his chin.

I took the “Helmet Head XL” that l’d been holding in my other hand and slowly waved it across his face.

He did his best to watch but could better feel the glass as it barely touched his lips then rolled from left to right, from one stubbled cheek to the other then finally down across the spittle, wiping his face clean.

I could see that he was starting to breath heavier, excited by what was to come perhaps?

I lay the toy down on the bed and picked up the blindfold.

He looked at me for as long as he could until he was masked in total darkness, left to depend on his remaining four senses and me.

With the blindfold tied securely behind his head I leaned in close to his left ear and whispered, “Time to open you up.”



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