Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 8

Gina straddled my thighs and rode my meat as if she hadn’t just been fucked for almost an hour by my colt and me, grinding her ample ass down onto my dik as I pumped my meat up into her.

“Ohhh!” she moaned, “Ohhhh!”

Looking up at her face, brown curls matted on her forehead by sweat, eyes closed shut, head rocking back and forth as if in some sex trance I knew exactly what her ‘reward’ was going to be.

Jude was standing by the side of the bed watching us fuck; playing with himself after he discarded the rubber he’d be wearing.

“You want to get that dik wet?” I asked, looking from him back to Gina, who, hearing the exchange smiled because she understood what was coming next.

I pulled her forward to lick and bite her nipples, first the left then the right and at the same time positioning her so that her hole was more easily accessible.

Jude knew what to do next.

He put a fresh condom on his rock hard dik and climbed up on the bed, crouching behind Gina so that he could join me inside her.

She lay on top of me, face pressed to mine, panting into my mouth than kissing in anticipation of what was coming as she reached back to spread her ass-cheeks to accommodate another cock.

Once he felt was in position I could feel Jude poking away, trying his best to find entry as well as balancing himself so that he wouldn’t put all of his weight on Gina, which would push her more on top of me.

After a few attempts I could finally feel his dik on top of mine as Gina’s hole expanded to accept another cock.

As I started to slowly thrust Jude pushed his hardon in and out to match my rhythm. It was incredible to feel the weight and heat of Jude’s cock moving with mine inside of her.

“Oh God! Oh God!” Gina screamed into my ear before burying her face next to mine into the pillow.

She was finally getting the double penetration she’d long fantasied about.


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