Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Jay shoots a big load

Jay started to jerk himself off; timing his strokes to the rhythm he’d set as he straddled me, riding my dik.

Knowing that the end was near he seemed to be doing his best to time his nut with mine.

I bent my knees so that I could push deeper inside him as he slammed down on me, looking up at his face, eyes shut tight, mouth open, his breath quickening as he too felt the first rumblings of his own orgasm.

When the cum started to make it’s way from my ball-sack to my shaft I grabbed him by the waist and pounded as hard as I could.

“Here I cum, here I cum!”

“Here I go!” I shouted, shooting straight up inside him, filling his young hot hole with my jizz.

He started to squirm as if he was trying to pull off my dik but I was having none of it, it felt to good and there was no way I was losing this sensation any sooner than I had too.

His boy-pussy was a warm receptacle for my nut as it throbbed inside him, spewing the last of my seed.

Besides, he was so small that it was easy to hold him down on my dik.

What I didn’t realize was that he wasn’t trying to pull away; he was just in the beginning of cumming himself.

“Ahhhhh!” he moaned. “Daddy! Daddy!”

At first it looked like there wouldn’t be much as a clear fluid started to make it’s way out of his pee-hole and drip onto my pubes below.

But as he continued to pump his dik an eruption of cum replaced what came before. A much thicker, cloudy white substance shot out of him as his body started to convulse with his own violent orgasm.

The first stream landed on my chest, then more spewed onto my belly then another up to my neck before tapering off.

“Damn son!” I said when his cock finally stopped gushing like a volcano.

“For a little guy you sure can shoot a big load”.

“Daddy likes that alot!”

My belly and hairy chest were matted with his semen, I could feel my cock starting to deflate but it was still buried deep inside his hole.

Jay smiled and collapsed on top me looking like a schoolboy that had pleased his teacher.

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