Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 9

Jude was behind Gina, half kneeling, half crouching but fucking her with all the speed and intensity you’d expect from a young stud while I lie beneath her doing my best to keep up being more than twice his age.

We were both fucking her at the same time, my cock went in first as she straddled me then Jude came in from behind to stick in his dik.

The sensation is hard to describe; to be inside someone, thrusting and feeling another person’s heat and pressure as they do the same, feeling ‘them’ as well as yourself inside all that warmth is a ‘high’ better than drugs.

I thought to myself that if I was feeling this good I couldn’t imagine how Gina must have felt.

Nor could I imagine how her asshole could expand to accommodate both our diks but judging from the expression on her face whatever pain was involved was worth it.

But, as good as it felt I was careful not to pull out too far for fear I would ‘fall out’.

It was hard enough getting both cocks inside her in the first place.

After a few well-synchronized strokes I could feel Jude’s dik start to throb and I could hear him start to moan but I kept thrusting, Gina’s inner walls closing gripping our diks tight.

I reached past her ample ass to hold onto Jude as best I could we three slapped against one another.

I could feel Gina’s engorged clit throbbing against my belly.

It wasn’t long before she climaxed, screaming, “Oh God!” before shooting all over my chest, neck and face.

Given her history as a ‘quick cummer’ I wasn’t surprised or disappointed, if anything I was surprised that she held out as long as she had.

I just lay back and enjoy the sensation of her ass muscles spasm as they clenched and unclenched around my hardon and the feeling of Jude’s continued attack on her hole, his cock on top of mine.

Jude was still pumping away, trying to get his nut, oblivious that Gina had cum but I had other plans for his orgasm.



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