Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 10

I told them to stop and get off of me.

“Get rid of that and get over here!” I said to Jude, pointing from his wrapped rod to my still rock-hard dik.

He pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor near the others.

I had Gina fetch me a rubber from my stash and rolled it on before Jude climbed up on top on me, lowering himself onto my shaft and at the same time lifting his dik and balls trying his best to see the union of my meat with his hole.

Gina cleaned herself up quickly then rushed back to stand by the bed and watch as Jude rode me just as she had only moments before. She was transfixed as she watched his cock, which had just been inside her, throb as it bounced up and down against my groin.

Even though I was still lying down and fucking in the same position there was a definite difference from being inside the warm, feminine interior that was Gina to penetrating the more aggressive, very male manhole that Jude offered.

Not that one was better than the other, they are both hot properties and they each bring their own unique talents to the stable.

Jude rode me as hard as he’d fucked Gina, embracing his role as bottom as easily as when he had the rare opportunity to top in my presence.

He lasted as long as he could, which wasn’t long since I’d interrupted his cumming earlier when he was inside Gina.

He stroked his dik a few more times then he came with and explosion of cum.

He didn’t shoot as far as Gina but his jizz was thicker and there was more of it as it ran down his dark meat onto my pubes, some of it mingling with the cum that Gina shot onto my belly and chest.

This was the second hot hole pulsating around my cock as the rest of their body shook in orgasm and I was ready to let go myself.

Just before I exploded I pushed Jude off me, ripped the condom from my cock and let a river of cum gush from my member.

It felt like I came and came, my seed mixing with theirs all over my body.

Moments later my eyes were still clamped shut in ecstasy and I thought I couldn’t want for anything more until I felt first one then tow tongues.

Gina and Jude were both hovering over me; my colt and my filly, licking our collective cum off of me.

Servicing their Master to the last drop.










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