Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Thx Jay

After the sex there was silence.

Then the only sounds were Jay and I trying to catch our breath-me much more so than he.

I gently pulled my dik out of his hole and indicated for him climb down from his position astride my crotch and to lie on my left side.

He snuggled in close but was careful to find a spot that was not wet with his seed.

We lay there like that, not speaking, his very young head resting against my considerably older chest.

Before Jay I’d never shown much interest in anyone so young so I was not only surprised that I’d fucked him but that I was already thinking about when I could fuck him again.

“Well, it’s official”, I thought to myself as the blood rushed back from one head to the other, “I’m a dirty old man”.

In time Jay got up off the bed to take a shower. I watched his firm, round little ass as he walked down the hall and marveled at the fact that my old cock had just been deep inside there.

I wiped the cum off my torso with a paper towel as best I could then sat on the edge of his bed. I (still) needed a few minutes to catch my breath.

I had every intention of joining Jay in the shower but as I looked around his room at all the clothes and clutter that littered the carpeted floor; hi-tops and a host of other sneakers, mixed with papers, candy wrappers, empty energy drink cans and other paraphernalia I spied a High School yearbook.

My heart sank.

I lunged for the book and stood there, frantically flipped the pages trying to remember Jay’s last name, looking from one teenaged face to another, hoping that he wasn’t amongst the high schooler’s pictured.

If he was in the book that would mean that he lied to me and that I had just sucked and fucked a child…nineteen was young, but was at least “legal”…”nineteen” was a year or two removed from school and childhood.

What if it turned out he was really seventeen or even worse, sixteen?

My stomach started to churn and I started to feel sick. I could feel my cock shrink and my balls instinctively pulling themselves up close to my body as if to hide.

I was mentally preparing myself for that special place in hell that must be reserved for child-fuckers when Jay walked back into the room.

“Wassup?” he asked, naked from his shower, looking fresh and oh so young.

“What are you doing with my sister’s yearbook?” “She’s been looking for that thing.”

He took the book from my hands, showed me his sisters’ senior class picture then walked to his closet and retrieved another yearbook, this one from his senior year, dated two years before hers.

I tried to play it cool as he proudly showed off, flipping the pages and pointing at picture after picture of himself in clubs and sports, feigning interest when all I could focus on was being relieved that I wasn’t going to Hell.

That first encounter was almost four years ago and a lot has changed since then.

My tastes have grown to include the sweet, salty taste of young men in general and Jay in particular.

And that’s all thanks to Jay.

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