The Return of Master Red

The other day I happened across an email notifying me that my wordpress domain was automatically renewing which led me back to the blog.

I must say, the number of hits the posts have continued to receive during my absence surprised me. And I want to thank the many of you that have reached out and contacted me.

There’s really no excuse for my silence except to say I’ve been so busy fucking the past six months that I haven’t had time to chronicle my trysts, doing more writhing than writing.

Since I last posted there have been some changes on the home front. My sister announced that she was divorcing her husband of fifteen years and landed on my doorstep with Waffles, her loveable, mixed-breed, rat of a rescue dog.

She said she just needed a place to stay “for a little while” but it’s been more than two months now and she seems to be settling in for “a long winter’s nap”.

What can l say, she’s family and lord knows she’s been there for me (a time or two) so the guest room here in my condo is now her bedroom for as long as she needs it.

Suffice to say, my fuck-pad is now a ‘crash-pad’ with her stuff strewn over my formerly neat “Mad-men” inspired midcentury modern environ.

I’ve had to put a kibosh on ‘hosting’ (hook up slang meaning that you’re the one that invites the trick to fuck at your place, in lieu of “traveling” which means you’re invited to their place instead).

I’ve been ‘travelling’ a lot-just because I have a houseguest doesn’t mean my libido is on lock-down, when my fuck-buddies and tricks can’t host I’ve been booking hotel rooms and/or sometimes fucking in the backseat of my red Ford Escape (car-sex something I didn’t even do in high school or college because I always seemed to have a place of my own and no roommates but now that my place isn’t an option there’s a certain retro ‘hotness’ to fornicating on four wheels).

So, I’m back. I’m here and I’m writing again.

I’ll do my best to make up for lost time and recount my sessions with my stable, conquests, breedings, trainings, and all the 1 on 1, 3sums and group activity…all new, all hot and as varied as before.

Believe me, there are many tales to tell; men, bois, women and even my first (but not the last) time fucking a ftm (female to male)  Transman.

…Master Red is back!

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