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Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 8

Gina straddled my thighs and rode my meat as if she hadn’t just been fucked for almost an hour by my colt and me, grinding her ample ass down onto my dik as I pumped my meat up into her. “Ohhh!” she moaned, “Ohhhh!” Looking up at her face, brown curls matted on her forehead […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 5

As Jude got into position behind Gina, ready to jab her with his spear she looked over her shoulder at him and said in her thick Italian accent, “Do you have a condom?” “The only unprotected cock I can have in me is my Master.” He held onto himself as he pulled away from the […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 4

Without hesitation Gina happily moved behind Jude, spread his rock hard ass-cheeks and began to administer to his rosebud with the same intensity she’d just shown my dik. I could feel the vibrations of Jude’s moans reverberating from deep in his throat as he expertly sucked my cock. “Hold on a sec”, I said. I […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Colts & Fillies: Gina and Jude Pt 3

I first kissed Jude lightly on the mouth then turned to do the same to Gina; then I pulled back and watched as my colt and filly shared their first kiss. The handshake that they’d shared at the front door was typical of two people meeting for the first time, alittle awkward and guarded but […]

NSA Sex: Topher ‘interrupted’

Being with Topher again was great but it was after midnight so my ‘sex clock’ seemed to be set to snooze. I read somewhere that everybody has a time of day that they feel there most amorous-hence their ‘sex clock’. Unfortunately for me mine just happened to be set for early afternoon, which is kinda […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Jay cont’d

I remember how quiet it was after I’d finished fucking Jay that first time. Earlier the room was full of sound; the bed springs singing to the rhythms of slurping and thrusting, me telling him what to do and how to do it, talking dirty to him and Jay asking how he could please, begging […]

Master Reds’ Stable of Fuckable Colts & Fillies: Gina

I just finished riding one of the fillies in my stable but didn’t cum so I’m still horny and wanting some more ass. As a rule, I’m in charge of who cums when. Part of being a good ‘Dom’ Top and/or ‘Master’ is being in control of every aspect of the ‘scene’…from arousal to orgasm […]