I told them to stop and get off of me. “Get rid of that and get over here!” I said to Jude, pointing from his wrapped rod to my still rock-hard dik. He pulled the condom off and threw it on the floor near the others. I had Gina fetch me a rubber from my […]

Jude was behind Gina, half kneeling, half crouching but fucking her with all the speed and intensity you’d expect from a young stud while I lie beneath her doing my best to keep up being more than twice his age. We were both fucking her at the same time, my cock went in first as […]

Jay started to jerk himself off; timing his strokes to the rhythm he’d set as he straddled me, riding my dik. Knowing that the end was near he seemed to be doing his best to time his nut with mine. I bent my knees so that I could push deeper inside him as he slammed […]

Gina straddled my thighs and rode my meat as if she hadn’t just been fucked for almost an hour by my colt and me, grinding her ample ass down onto my dik as I pumped my meat up into her. “Ohhh!” she moaned, “Ohhhh!” Looking up at her face, brown curls matted on her forehead […]

All that could be heard in the room were the sounds of moans, panting and skin slapping against skin as we three fucked. I reached forward and pulled Jude toward me by the throat. I licked his shoulders and neck, glistening now with sweat and turned his face to me for a long deep kiss. […]

I definitely liked what I was seeing but wanted more. I pulled out of Gina’s mouth, climbed off the bed and went round behind Jude after retrieving one of my own Magnum XL condoms from the messenger bag I always bring with me for trysts. I stood and watched for a moment as his dik […]

As Jude got into position behind Gina, ready to jab her with his spear she looked over her shoulder at him and said in her thick Italian accent, “Do you have a condom?” “The only unprotected cock I can have in me is my Master.” He held onto himself as he pulled away from the […]

Without hesitation Gina happily moved behind Jude, spread his rock hard ass-cheeks and began to administer to his rosebud with the same intensity she’d just shown my dik. I could feel the vibrations of Jude’s moans reverberating from deep in his throat as he expertly sucked my cock. “Hold on a sec”, I said. I […]

I first kissed Jude lightly on the mouth then turned to do the same to Gina; then I pulled back and watched as my colt and filly shared their first kiss. The handshake that they’d shared at the front door was typical of two people meeting for the first time, alittle awkward and guarded but […]

Since they had never met I arranged to meet Gina in the parking lot of Jude’s building so that we could ride the elevator up to the twenty-first floor hi-rise apartment together where I could make the introductions. I’ve been in threesomes and group sex situations where nobody knew anybody and it can be alittle […]